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Travel in music: Chapter 23 - 2003, Anywhere I Lay My Head

2020, the world is in confinement because of a corona virus. I have used this time to reminisce on my past through a musical blog series. They will take you through my peregrinations on this tiny, unique earth, in chronological order. Click on the song, use it as soundtrack, and enjoy!


2003 – Chapter 23 | Anywhere I lay my head. After Haiti, I quit my job. A period of serious rudderless navigation followed. I needed a new beginning but I was struggling to find it. I spent most of those months in Brussels, halfheartedly looking for a sedentary job that would make sense but I felt out of time and out of place after seven years away, three of which constantly changing locations. My feet were on the ground but my head elsewhere. So much “sucking the marrow out of life” had left me with little spine, it seemed. The previous job had literally emptied me. It was not so much the instability that comes with traveling so intensely that tired me. Most of my peers who abandoned the same job after two or so years left it for that reason but I actually relished this. No, it was the actual job, the output of those missions. Its purposelessness had become too apparent. Therefore, when a friend came calling offering an innovative business model, albeit with a similar lifestyle, I caved and went back on the road…

That is a story for next chapter. For now, I will take advantage of this wandering (wondering?) period to share a song that perfectly illustrates the frame of mind I was in at the time. Tom Waits has been my most loyal musical companion since my late teenage years and, once again, he brought the solace I sorely needed.


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