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Travel through BRICS | South Africa
Travel through BRICS, South Africa
Travel through BRICS | Capoeira
Travel through BRICS, Brazil
Travel through BRICS | Yoga
Travel through BRICS, India
Travel through BRICS | China
Travel through BRICS, China
Travel through BRICS | Russia
Travel through BRICS, Russia

South Africa is our trip's starting point. It is our home, the smallest and most recent member of BRICS, one of earth's youngest democracies and a natural paradise for tourists seeking thrills, scenery, culture or just plain r&r.

Brazil is in the spotlight. It hosted the 2014 Football WC and, two years later, the Olympics. It has recently been embroiled in political and economic crisis but loses none of its appeal as the South American giant destined to lead the continent.

Magical India has captured the imagination of adventurers for centuries. For our little family, it is also the source whence, four generations ago, maternal ancestors sailed to the tip of Africa from the southern state of Tamil Nadu.

The most populous country on the planet is the BRICS' true heavyweight but it only recently started to really project its power beyond its borders. In Africa, Chinese influence is visible and palpable. Is China about to lead the world?

Russia spans over two continents and it is the only destination completely unknown to us prior to this journey. Often portrayed as a 'threat' in the news, it taunts us to go beyond the headlines to meet its people and understand it better. 

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