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Trip partners

We will endeavour to give our project maximum visibility, thereby delivering tangible value to the kind supporters who will help make our trip possible.

Leanne is a South African radio personality, an experienced corporate communications professional, a keen blogger, and a social media specialist while Guillaume spent years producing image-building reports for international media for a range of countries across the globe (including Brazil for the French daily Le Monde).


At a time when the BRICS countries are aiming to strengthen their ties, boosting tourism, cultural and educational exchanges among them has become a key objective. We trust that our trip will provide a perfect platform to shed light on how exciting traveling through these countries as a family is, while our BRICS schools project will also create awareness of each other's educational experiences and, hopefully, be the beginning of long-lasting inter-BRICS school exchanges.


Individuals or companies keen to associate themselves with our exciting project and help us along are welcome to contact us.

We thank our partners for their contributions

Heal The Hood is a project created in 1998 by Emile Jansen of Black Noise which uses the arts to uplift communities. We thank him for graciously allowing us to use some of his lyrics in one of our blog posts.

Sea2See is an ecologically-minded start-up that turns waste fishnets into design eyewear. Its founder, François van den Abeele, graciously donated two pairs of sunglasses for us to wear and promote through BRICS.

West Coast Way organises fantastic 'ready-to-escape-to' road trips to encourage tourists to discover all of the Western Cape's nooks and crannies, including the ones less traveled. They put together a really generous package for us to visit !Khwa Ttu, the West Coast Fossil Park and Eland's Bay. See all that they have to offer at

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