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French School of Cape Town - 16 June 2016, Youth Day in South Africa 

Play me to hear the 'Click Song' by Miriam Makeba

Every year, on 16 June, South Africans celebrate Youth Day to commemorate the Soweto uprising. That day, in 1976, students who protested peacefully against the forceful adoption of Afrikaans as the language of education were fired upon by the state police. To honor the role of the young people of South Africa, particularly students, in fighting apartheid, it is a national holiday.

For Youth Day, the pupils of the French School of Cape Town, which our two sons attend, put together a series of displays and presentations on South Africa. The kids explored the culture, the food, the language, sthe music, the dancing, the clothing, the sports, some of the landmarks, its recent and more ancient history and more and brought it all to life. Check out the gallery of photos below and some of the short clips we filmed of their efforts! 

South Africa's Food
South Africa's Food
Zulu traditional clothing
'Old' South Africa's apartheid
Laws of Apartheid
South Africa's Sports
Languages of South Africa
Languages of South Africa
Music of Africa
Music of South Africa
Zulu Dances
Zulu Dances
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