The BRICS Schools project

When initially giving shape to our project to travel through BRICS with our children, we came across an article which both bemoaned the lack of integration among its members and pointed to an opportunity to give culture, tourism and, particularly, education a greater role in cementing their bond. We had found an additional purpose to our trip!


Immediately, we set upon conceiving a way to create some interaction between people in the countries we would be visiting. Since we would be travelling with our young boys, what better way than to make this happen by visiting schoolkids along the way?

"the five member countries do need meeting points beyond trade and capital flows if BRICS is to build greater cohesion and propagate an alternative development doctrine. Culture and education can be the necessary cement to enhance cooperation and coordination."

- Rajrishi Singhal

Our aim is to find at least two schools in each country and to animate a fun and informative workshop on BRICS. Ahead of our visit, we will send a short questionnaire on BRICS to spur the active participation of the classroom. We will film the sessions and share them. As we multiply the workshops and obtain outputs from the schoolkids, we will leverage our trip to network these schools across the globe and, hopefully, keep the exchanges going long after our visit.


Join us in the BRICS classrooms

On the next page, we will document all our interactions with the BRICS schools and post the outputs of the kids presentations as we progress on our trip.

Hopefully, it will develop into a platform to be used for interaction between the kids from these different schools across the BRICS long after our trip. We dream of hearing that they have set up pen pal exchanges, or that they send each other book-to-read ideas or even, perhaps, that they might have corresponded live via videoconferencing.

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