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In planning stages...

Yeaaaah! The website is published, we've told our families and some friends about our plans (we lazily expect this site and social media to do the rest) and this... is our very first blog post!!!

In a little more than two months, when we eagerly take off from our Cape Town home towards Namaqualand, we will have been working on this project for about five months. The idea of a long, slow, family trip might have been floating in our dreamy, nomadic brains for a while but its purpose, its crystallization into a project to go and discover the BRICS in depth really took shape only quite recently. There is lots to do and little time.

So, we're fully in planning stages. We probably will not blog much for now as we focus on preparing our home to be rented; shedding some sedentary weight; refining our itineraries; booking some essentials (the few flights, perhaps some longer term accommodation around anchor dates); getting visas; creating awareness about our trip; making the contacts that will give the classrooms project shape, possibly find a few sponsors who may find value in supporting this project materially or otherwise (through very welcome tips, contacts, advice or introductions); inviting friends to join us on portions of the journey; acquiring a few photo and video editing skills and many other things.

Once we hit the road, towards the end of August, we will blog with as much frequency as possible to allow you to live this adventure with us, to offer inside information on what the BRICS feel like, taste like and look like from the road and through Guy and Max's eyes and, of course, to preserve our own memories.

We are excited, very excited though admittedly a little bewildered with ourselves as we contemplate what lays ahead.

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