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Twelve hours of goodbyes

We've had a couple of farewells before (to say the least), which always included lots of dancing, late nights and the hangover that goes with it the next day. Those were fun, don't get me wrong, but also didn't allow for any meaningful conversation with our nearest and dearest.

This time, with two kids in tow and lots still to do before we leave, we decided to have an open house from 9 in the morning, until 9 at night, on a Sunday.

Guests were encouraged to come at breakfast with their favourite filling for crepes...

... at lunch where some of the dishes brought included among others Zulpha's famous butter chicken and naan, Lauren's Mac 'n Cheese, Nani's homemade bread and Scotty's roast chicken-a-la-Woolies...

... dinner over fireside chats...

... and lots of bubbly and laughs throughout the day...

Our home was a hive of activity with around seventy friends and family passing by throughout the day. With all the love and blessings from family and friends, we're reading to BRICSit or as a friend said as he left the other night, "have fun along the yellow BRIC(s) road".

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